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Internet Notifier is a software that allows to track changes of required information on different resources beginning with files on disks and ending with blogs, forums and other resources.

Internet Notifier can support a variety of protocols such as: http, https, ftp, file. The program is able to work with the resources with password-protected access. Moreover, the login with the password both by protocol (http/ftp authorization) and general input through a form on a web page is supported.

After receiving data the program can perform intellectual analysis. Intellectual analysis allows to compare not only by bytes, but also search and compare exactly the required information that excludes false alarms and ignores the part of the data user is not interested in (for example not paying attention to changes in the number of page views or banners). The system of intellectual analysis has flexible customization as well as predefined profiles for well-known forums, blogs, etc. Type recognition happens automatically and is invisible to the user.

There are four types of signals for changes in required information in the program:

  • The opening of the main window with a list of changes.

  • An audio signal that can be changed to the desired one.

  • Window with a list of changes of the resource that pop up in the bottom right corner.

  • Voice representation of the resource name.

Opening of the resource with changes in the browser is available by mouse click in the notification window.

For tracking resources management the user can create a tasks hierarchy that can be grouped, changed, deleted, draged, etc. There is also a possibility to exchange the configurated tasks between computers by using the export and import functions.